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The new concentrated mouthwash based on natural principles

Free of alcohol, preserving agents and aggressive solubilizers


The oral-pharyngeal region is the point of contact between the inside of the body and the outside world. To protect the body against the ingress of germs and other substances harmful to health, it possesses a unique combined defence system consisting of microorganisms, minerals and enzymes.

This delicate system can be rapidly destabilized by irritants, poor hygiene or an unbalanced diet. If the defensive capability of the oral cavity is seriously diminished, there is a risk of numerous oral-pharyngeal diseases such as caries, periodontosis, thrush, Tonsillitis and aphtous stomatitis. In the absence of rapid treatment of these diseases, a serious illness like myocarditis or rheumatism can be the result. In this context, the ability of mouthwashes to cleanse the less accessible parts of the oral-pharyngeal region lends them a role that cannot be adequately fulfilled by mechanical methods of oral hygiene alone. An important consideration here is that the mouthwash should achieve a soft disinfection and a cleaning effect without causing irritation of the oral mucous membrane or the body as a whole.


Liporal is a concentrate consists of ethereal oils and phytoagents in an aqueous liposome system produced with lecithin. It is manufactured exclusively from GRAS-rated raw materials. This rating is allocated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raw materials categorized as generally safe. All ingredients without exception are permitted substances under the terms of the relevant foodstuff regulations. This innovative mouthwash achieves excellent results in protection for oral diseases on the basis of natural principles. Liporal is a product with unique characteristics:

  • Liporal is a “high tech nature” product.
  • Liporal is a pleasant-tasting concentrate with a highly effective combination of carefully selected phytoagents and ethereal oils in a special Liposome encystment.
  • Liporal contains no toxic components. It could and should be used daily.
  • Liporal is made without alcohol, solubilizers, preservatives and flavouring or colouring agents.

How does it works?

  • Liporal cover the teeth with a stabilized protection layer against acid. This layer has a function as a protection shield against acid induced caries.
  • Microorganisms in the oral-pharyngeal region have an important function in the immune defence. The total disinfection of the oral-pharyngeal region destroys the immunological balance. Liporal does not work like a strong disinfectant. Liporal reduce softly the germs in a biological optimal range.
  • Liporal deposits antimicrobial substances with a time release system in the mouth. This intelligent system has its functional depending of the concentration of germs. The time release system gives Liporal a long lasting effect. Liporal works and works and…….long time after usage.
  • The Liposome size of Liporal is five times smaller than the normal germ size in the mouth. So Liporal can reach every place with germ activity also in the deep of the gingiva.
  • The combination of phytoagents in Liporal prevents for all kind of inflammatory processes, even not microbial induced inflammatory processes in the reason of difficulties with artificial teeth.


Method of use and dosage

Liporal helps to cleanse and disinfect the oral-pharyngeal region. Prior to use, 8-10 drops of Liporal are diluted with 50 ml water (1/4 glass of water); this mixture is then used for gargling or mouth-rinsing for approximately 1 minute. For ordinary mouth-care purposes, Liporal should be used after the teeth-brush, but may also be used more frequently where this is required. Liporal is available in 20 ml bottles. Because of its high concentration, this yields approximately 40-60 doses.

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